Belinda trialled a pair of Mudees and sent us this report:

‘Would I be disappointed? – after all, this is THE product I’d been waiting to be released.
As a reasonably recent convertee to the barefoot way of life I had been loathed to give up my sturdy, supportive,weatherproof walking boots- they are after all what most people rely on for longer walks.
Test week 1 – South West Coast Path in balmy sunshine.
Verdict. The barefoot experience I was used to but from a fantastic looking brown boot- even with shorts! Superbly comfortable, ‘snuggling’ to the ankle, giving support and holding the foot back on those downhills yet still allowing the freedom of movement. Incredibly grippy on all those hills, even the loose gravely surfaces. 7 days walking- 15 ish miles per day, no wearing in and my mudees were the most comfortable boot I’ve ever had.

Test week 2 – Rain, rain, rain ‘Up North’.
Verdict. Grip brilliant- I just love the way your feet relax and mould to the terrain giving you confidence and surefootedness ( is that even a word ?) like no other. BUT.. will they be weatherproof? I hadn’t cleaned or treated them in any way since taking them out of the box. Despite paddling through various streams, wet grass and muddy puddles my feet were always dry at the end of the day- pretty good for a boot that is described as ‘weatherproof’. Hubby was wearing boots from another ( more expensive) company and sadly had wet feet.

All in all a fairly perfect barefoot boot, and good looking enough to wear around town too- well worth waiting for. Just about to order two pairs in black – one for me and one to keep hubby’s feet dry.’