How Freet unlock the full potential of your feet

Midsole Construction

Key to ‘barefoot’ movement is a midsole with 360 degree flex.  Most shoes have a midsole board which restricts flex to one dimension.  At Freet, we have a thin, fully flexible, shock absorbing midsole which allows your foot to flex in all directions on uneven ground.  To see for yourself, try rolling our shoes into a tight ball and compare with other shoes.

More shock absorption versus more connectivity – you decide

We all come to barefoot shoes with different experiences and expectations.  Some want maximum ground connectivity while others prefer greater shock absorption. With Freet, you can customise your shoes to your personal preference.

Remove your insoles for maximum ground feel

If you prefer greater connectivity or are walking on softer ground, try taking out the insoles and get closer to the ground.  All Freet shoes and boots have a moisture moving topsheet which means they can be worn in comfort, barefoot or with socks, without any insole.

2.5mm / 3mm insoles for a balance of shock absorption and connectivity

All  Freet shoes and boots come with 2.5mm / 3mm insoles*. These allow 360 degree flexibility, a good degree of shock absorption and great connectivity with the ground.

*Pace come with 6mm insole

6mm Ortholite insoles for our maximum shock absorption

If you are walking longer distances or on hard, flat surfaces, you might like to consider the 6mm Ortholite insole.  Standard for Freet Pace, or available for purchase separately, this insole provides our highest shock absorption and fits all Freet products.

Find out more in our video