BBC News – School in Derbyshire positive results to trial on benefits of ‘shoeless environment’. “Children seem more relaxed and calmer”.

Findern Primary School in Derbyshire has been trialling the idea there are benefits to children’s learning when in a “shoeless” environment.

Professor Stephen Heppell from Bournemouth University said children behave better without shoes.

Findern head teacher Emma Tichener said the pupils have been “more relaxed”.

Prof Heppell researched the topic for more than 10 years in 25 countries.

Shoeless learning has been carried out in schools in Scandinavia and New Zealand and learning centres in other countries.

Mrs Tichener said: “We are noticing that the children seem more relaxed and calmer than usual,” she said.

“We hope that in time we can measure their progress and see if it has made a difference in their achievements.